WEARPLEX Project Year 1 Workshop - 25th Sept 2019

The WEARPLEX project is hosting a special session and after conference workshop at the 13th Vienna International Workshop on FES; 23-25th September 2019.

The WEARPLEX project will be hosting its first project workshop on Wednesday 25th of September at the venue for the 13th Vienna International Workshop on FES.

The WEARPLEX workshop on the Wednesday is free for those who sign up to attend the event; details can be found in the attached invitation alongside the timetable for the event.

It will be a chance for the consortium to showcase our technologies which will be combined into the WEARPLEX system during the project.


In addition, WEARPLEX will also be hosting a special session at the 13th Vienna International Workshop on FES on Monday 23rd September, starting at 13.30 the series of talks from the consortium will cover the different technological aspects of the project; for FES, EMG and printed electronics and e-textiles.


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