IDUN Technologies

IDUN Technologies Ltd. is a biosensor company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Coming from a stretchable electronics research group from ETH Zurich, IDUN is developing and producing soft and dry conductive electrodes for biopotential monitoring (ECG, EEG, EMG). With a unique and patented surface structure these electrodes provide high quality signals with skin-friendly materials without electrolyte gel. We are focusing on business-to-business partnerships with device manufacturers. Our technology is compatible to various device architecture and will increase the impact of their recordings. IDUN offers a range of electrode designs for specific applications. Bioinspired adhesion mimicking grasshopper feet, skin conformal soft electrodes for brain wave, heart and muscle monitoring belong to our core competences. IDUN is a privately funded and held Spin-off of ETH founded in November 2017. IDUN got the recognition of several renowned prizes in Switzerland (Venture Kick, CTI Coaching,..).
Since the foundation, IDUN has started feasibility projects with several companies, small innovative ones and big corporations. IDUN is expanding its core team with 2 full time employee (process engineer and polymer chemist) for a total of 5 full time engineers, a part-time experienced CFO and a part-time product designer.