WEARPLEX Beta workshop

WEARPLEX Beta Workshop Webinar

Wearable multiplexed biomedical electrodes – for stimulation and recording applications

Event date: Wednesday 24th March - 10am - 12.30pm CET


Showcasing the results so far for the WEARPLEX project.  Sign up for free via Eventbrite here: Link

Agenda download here: Link (Updated 23/03/21 with Teams meeting link)


This is a webinar workshop for the EU funded H2020 research project, WEARPLEX.

WEARPLEX is developing printed wearable electrodes for biomedical applications with both recording of physiological electrical signals and electrical stimulation of muscles. This is achieved via novel printed organic transistors and electrode patterns printed directly on to wearable textiles.

We will introduce you to the technology through a series of quick fire presentations and then show you demonstrators of the work so far. We end the webinar with an opportunity for questions and discussion on how this technology could be used in your applications.

If you register for the event then you will recieve an email invitation to the Teams event.


10:00am to 12:30 CET (Central European Time)


Presentation Title



WEARPLEX Project Overview

  • Scope, consortium, roles
  • The project vision and status

Russel Torah


Introduction to technologies used in WEARPLEX



  • EMG applications
  • Electronic inks
  • Printed electronics on textiles
  • Skin/Electrode interface

Strahinja Dosen

Nikola Perinka

Abiodun Komolafe

Katja Junker


  • FES applications
  • OECT devices
  • Scaleup printing
  • Device manufacturing

Matija Strbac

Peter Andersson Ersman

Maxim Polomoshnov

Jenni Isotalo


Questions/Post-it opportunity



Demonstration of WEARPLEX EMG recording system


Luis Pelaez Murciego


Demonstration of WEARPLEX Stimulation testbed


Milos Kostic


Demonstration of WEARPLEX stimulation/recording electronics

Pierre Barralon


Q&A audience/consortium discussion to gain feedback on different aspects of the WEARPLEX project:

Topics for discussion:

  • Open discussion
  • Key clinical needs for EMG and FES?
  • What are the technical/clinical challenges?
  • Potential exploitation routes and challenges?
  • WEARPLEX approach to address the challenges?
  • How can you get involved – Advisory Board membership?

Chair: Steve Beeby



Concluding remarks, questionnaires/Post-its & call for action

Thierry Keller


Workshop ends



WEARPLEX project concept